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    little beaches, sea caves and the highest cliffs on the mediterranean sea
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Cala Gonone excursions and rubber boat rental

Excursions in the Gulf of Orosei

The company Azzurra has rented out rubber boats in Cala Gonone for many years. With many boats to select from, of varied sizes and engine power, you can depart from the port to the trip of your dreams. Inflatables from 5 meters or 7 meters are marked "Joker Boat" and, as in the good tradition of the famous Italian shipyard, are easy to navigate and spacious. Visit the website of Azzurra.


Inflatable boats – no licence necessary, for up to 8 people

The “Joker 4.70” boats, are for up to 8 people and may be driven without a boat license. They have a motor of 40 horsepower and ample space. All theses boats have steering console with rudder, electronic ignition and trim for lifting the engine, accurately overhauled every season. We recommend this boat for those who want to enjoy discovering the coast safely and independently. The regulations to be followed at sea will be explained to you as well as explaination of the equipment and the use of the engine so you can navigate the route of your favorite coves, and choose how you would like to spend your time, with the possibility to visit the famous Bue Marino cave.


Mini-cruise, charter, 12 people

One of the highlights of the services that azzurra offer, there are also mini-cruises that charter daily with inflatable boats “joker Coaster 650”, with which, accompanied by one of our guides, you will discover all the details of the coast. Departures are at 9:30am and 10:30am, with groups of up to 12 people. We return to the port around 17:30pm every day after an average of three stops at different beachesand in between we make a few stops for swimming in the crystal blue waters near the cliff or in the caves. The tour is recommended for those visiting the Gulf for the first time and wanting to explore every nook and cranny, and every inlet of our beautiful bay. Our tour-guides will explain everything to you and will advise you about the arrival time and the choice of the beaches in order to enjoy them exclusively.



The beaches until Capo Monte Santo

Cala Luna ( Ilune)

Excursion by sea or trekking

Cala Luna is the first bay that you will arrive at after Cala Fuili. Cala Fuili is the last cove reachable by car. We usually stop in Cala Luna as part of the return trip to the port, given that the sun shines through the deep gorge until late afternoon. The canyon allows the sun to illuminate the cove until late afternoon and the River “Ilune” separating the beach from the interior. Cala Luna is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. Located a few hundred metres from the beach is a bar-restaurant which will offer visitors a place to relax and have a coffee, or an ice-cream, in the shadows of the juniper trees.

Services available: baths, bar, restaurant.
: canoes, snorkeling equipment, beach chairs and umbrellas

Cala Sisine

Excursion by sea or trekking

Cala Sisine is the second largest beach of the Gulf after Cala Luna, is on the slopes of “Mount Plumare” whose cliff overhanging the water exceeds 400 meters. Just like Cala Luna, Cala Sisine was formed from sediments left by the torrential river flowing into the gorge “Codula di Sisine”. The landscape of the canyon is magnificent, as too is the uniquely crystal clear water. At Cala Sisine there is also a small bar-restaurant with restroom facilities. 

Services avaible bar, restaurant, bathrooms

Cala Biriola and Piscine di Venere

Excursion by sea or descention by rope
The inlet of Biriola ( or Billaricoro) has been named after the woods of holm oak trees and junipers overlooking it. The rays of sunshine and the peculiar seabed give an emerald appearance to the water. Biriola is ideal for snorkelling or diving. About 500 meters from the beach there is an area of intense blue colour near the cliff called "Piscine di Venere" where you usually stop for a refreshing swim in the middle of the diverse fish fauna. Services: none

Cala Mariolu and Cala dei Gabbiani (Ispuligidenie)

Excursion by sea or trekking

The coast of Ispuligidenie is one of the pearls of the Gulf of Orosei. The name in Baunei dialect means "snow fleas", due to the presence of tiny white pebbles that characterise it. The two beaches that make up Ispuligidenie, Cala Mariolu and Cala dei Gabbiani, are a paradise for lovers of nature and the environment. The sharp contrast between the white limestone and the turquoise colour of the sea offers a feast for the eyes that is unique and unforgettable. In a recent survey by Trip Advisor, Cala Mariolu was declared one of the twenty most beautiful beaches in the world and the fourth most beautiful in Europe. From July to September there is a beach kiosk where you can buy drinks and sandwiches.

Servces: bar, diving (also first dive) Hire:: beach chairs, umbrellas, snorkeling gear.


Excursion by sea or trekking

"Cala Goloritzè" is an authentic gem of the Mediterranean Sea. With the massive, natural pinnacle “Punta Caroddi”, known as the ‘Aguglia’, it offers breath-taking landscapes from both sea and land. Its unique features are preserved by strict regulations forbidding boats from navigating within 300 meters from the shore. The only way to get to the beach is either swimming or walking (a one-hour walk, which is well worth doing). It is also possible to enjoy a swim at ‘Le Sorgenti’, two tiny inlets close to the northern part of the bay, characterised by peculiar white limestone caves and several freshwater springs gushing from the sea floor. 

Services: None


The beaches until Punta Nera

Cala Cartoe

Excursion by car

Cala Cartoe is the first beach to the north of Cala Gonone. The extensive coastline of fine white sand and shallow waters make it one of the beaches more suitable for families with small children. Behind the beach there is the torrential river “Rio Littu” which partially withdraws during the summer creating vast sand dunes on the dry riverbed. There is a small kiosk during the summer.

Services: Bar, Baywatching


Excursion by car

The beach of Osalla, sea mouth of the river of the same name, is a long stretch of golden sand bordered by lush green hills that surround the bay and the dark rocks that characterize north. The bathymetric features shallow waters and shoals that make it suitable for families. There is a bar during the summer.

Services: Bar, Bathrooms, Baywatching Rental: Pedalo, kayak

Where to find us?


Sardinia Camping Cala Gonone ****
   via Collodi 1 - 08022 Cala Gonone (NU)gps 40.284736418434 , 9.6340350251618

The quickest way to reach Cala Gonone is to take the S.S. 131, the main road that connects all other ports and airports of Sardinia. To arrive at Cala Gonone exit at Km 69.300 at the crossroads Lula / Dorgali and take the slip road station (SS 131 DCN). Continue for 20 km towards Dorgali, until you reach the SS 125 and follow the remaining 10 km towards Cala Gonone.
Otherwise, if you prefer a more panoramic route for landscapes offered along the way, you can take the eastern road (SS 125) that crosses the East Coast of the island connecting Cagliari to Olbia.
NOTE:Coming from the north, once you have arrived at Dorgali, we suggest that you ignore the instruction of the navigator because usually they are set to calculate the shortest, but difficult path. Instead, follow the road signs that will lead you more easily to Cala Gonone through the tunnel on Mount “ Tului”, once you have passed the exit of Dorgali.

Distances: 106 km Olbia (Seaport and Airport) 220 km Cagliari (Seaport and Airport) 191 km Alghero (Airport) 185km Porto Torres (Seaport)


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