white sandy beaches and snow-white pebbles washed by a sea of dreams



caves, valleys, imperious peaks and breathtaking views.



tours of caves and museums, and the discovery of the ‘ nuraghi’


FROM the highest WALLS down TO the DEEPest sea MARINE

Spent your holiday with us !







Between the sea
and the Supramonte mountain range


The camp is situated in the center of the most 'wide bay on the east coast in the coastal town of Cala Gonone. The seaside town is dominated by a large chain of limestone mountains. The rock bastions have, for centuries, preserved an amphitheater for lovers of nature and the environment. Choose your "plein air" holiday exploring and discovering our paradise, starting from the basis of our fantastic pine forest.




All about the Mountain

Cala Gonone and its main town Dorgali, are located at the coast and the slopes of the Supramonte mountain range. The two towns are divided by the road 125 that runs along the south, leads to the heart of Ogliastra. This is one of the most charming and unspoilt areas in Sardinia. The Supramonte’s rugged geology is characterized by long canyons, narrow gorges, valleys and caves of unparalleled beauty. Paradise for lovers of trekking, climbing and biking, the town of Cala Gonone offers interesting insights into the relationship between man and nature and regeneration of mind and body. It also offers extreme sports that challenge your abilities and concentration. Our clients who arrive with their own vehicles have the opportunity to explore fascinating destinations like “Gorroppu”, a gorge on the border of the town Urzulei, or the “Caddaris’s canyon” in the area of Dorgali. Those who love caves can visits the beautiful caves of Ispinigoli or the wonderful and mysterious village built in the last-nuragic age, situated on Mount Tiscali. Experienced trekkers can tackle the steep hill that leads to ”Doinanicoro”, 3kmq plateau where you can visit the natural monument “Su Suercone", a big limestone sinkhole. Scattered on the heights of the Supramonte mountain range you can visit a number of beautiful old houses "cuiles", built by stone and juniper by shepherd recently renovated. Constructed in a way to provide the best view, visitors will enjoy a breathtaking panorama. Close to the village, in “Mount Irveri” there are the old shepherds houses of "sa Tintura”, "Ziu Tattanu" and “Monte Ruju”. For those wishing to explore the area with the help of a guide, Sardinia Camping provides jeep tours, with which you can enjoy the magic of the inland areas in total relaxation and safety.



All about the Sea

The Gulf of Orosei extends for 40 kilometers and is bordered to the north by Punta Nera and Capo Monte Santo at the south. Cala Gonone is located at the center of what is considered one of the most beautiful locations in the Mediterranean. Our camping site it is easy to move around on foot and reach and enjoy the central beach, the port area and the extensive coastline of Palmasera where you can find fun water activities, canoes and pedal boats. For those traveling by car, or using one of the shuttle services in the area, you can quickly reach the picturesque beach of Cala Fuili (25 minute walk) or the beaches of Cala Cartoe and Osalla.
Click here to get all the details of the beaches of the Gulf of Orosei and the minicruises.






Activities in Cala Gonone - active tourism

Thanks to their large and morphologically diverse territory, Cala Gonone and Dorgali offer a variety of activities, that you can enjoy by yourself or make use of the services offered by the many touristic companies operating in the area, to your advantages.

Trekking, climbing, running and biking can be carried out independently and safely in easily accessible locations around the town up to the steepest mountains. For the more difficult trails, that are not well marked, we still recommend them but we advise that you are accompanied by a guide if you are less experienced. We are happy to offer our campers support and information on the most interesting routes as well as promotions with the trekking companies in collaboration with Sardinia Camping. For those wishing to try their hand with extreme sports the possibilities are endless. Lovers of free flight will be able to practice launches from the peaks that surround Cala Gonone or make use of the runway for light aircrafts recently built just a little outside Dorgali. Still, for those who love heights, the climbing routes of Supramonte coastal and mountain region are a "must" for those who practice this sport. Our beautiful limestone mountains, surrounded by lush green Mediterranean vegetation, meet the transparent blue waters of the Gulf of Orosei. For those who enjoy diving, tours are offered to the many wrecks of World War II in the Gulf, or cave-diving in the beautiful sea-caves or inland-caves.



What to visit 



  • Nuragic village “Serra Orrios” - Nuragic village with more than a hundred huts and two sacred areas is one of the best preserved nuragic villages in Sardinia.
  • Tomb of the giants – “Sa Ena e Thomes” and “Biristeddi” -  Megalithic structures used as collective tomb made of high semicircular central and interior corridors.
  • Nuragic Village “Nuraghe Arvu” - Nuragic Village with more than 130 huts situated above the village of Cala Gonone
  • “Nuraghe Mannu” and village “Nuracheddu”- Located on the wall that overlooks Cala Fuili that served as watch-towers for invaders.
  • “Dolmen Motorra” - sepulchral basalt monument dating back to the pre-nuragic age.
  • Nuragic Village on Mount Tiscali  - A small village of huts renovated in the late Roman period, dating back to pre-nuragic age.


  • Bue Marino - - Sea caves that extend over 70 km can be visited by guided tour. The name “Bue Marino” comes from what old shepards called the Monk Seal. These seals were found in the waters of Gulf of Orosei until 1970’s. They used the beaches within the cave for rearing their pups. You can visit the caves using the shuttle-boat service in the port or the mini cruise offered by the company “Azzurra”, operating with Sardinia Camping. Click here to discover the minicruise
  • Ispinigoli Cave - Cave situated close to Dorgali has a stalagmite column 38 meters high, is considered one of the highest in Europe. Around Ispinigoli there is a sinkhole 60 meters deep called “Abisso delle Vergini that reconnects with the karst San Giovanni Su Anzu.


  • Aquarium of Cala Gonone - Opened in 2010, you can visit 26 fish-tanks and discover the sea culture thanks to the various marine species. The all-new interactive wall dedicated to the most famous predators of the sea and the touch tank will share secrets of sharks, snapper, barracuda and the fearsome piranha fish. Open daily from April to October.
  • Park Museum “S'Abba Frisca” - Nature trail and ethnographic museum are particularly rich in flora and fauna. You can discover the Barbagia’s culture and the habits and customs of the people of Dorgali.
  • Archaeological Museum Dorgali - Collections from the excavations carried out at the sites around the area Dorgali and Cala Gonone.

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